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A bit more on this to follow on from my last entry and to provide my references.
I added a skip to content link as part of my development of the core navigation in the site. This is assist those who use screen readers of navigate via keyboard. I was prompted to do this based on my previous experience with accessibility requirements and based on advice in the Inclusive Design Patterns book (Pickering, 2016).
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Progress on the grid and layout

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This week I completed some major fix-up on my grid. Remember when I thought that it was almost fixed? Well I was wrong. In fact I ended up recalculating the whole thing and basing it on a single column being 65px or 6.5% in width. Happily it is now working exactly as I need it to (Mozilla Developer Network saved the day again<fn></fn> – I am going to up my donation this year).
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Hello World – the epitome of the inaugural blog post

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“Hello world!” a phrase that has been used to announce the existence of many a computer programme and blog post entry. Taking a few minutes to look into the phrase’s history today, it’s origins branch back to the early 1970s and the development of the programming language C at Bell Laboratories<fn>There are differing opinions on the exact origins, but it was a nice introduction to developer commentary and critique on Stack Overflow!</fn> (Herbert, 2016). This sentiment of harking back to computing history seems very appropriate as I embark on the IDM18 Web Development module and reflect on my own historical coding experience.Read More »Hello World – the epitome of the inaugural blog post