Content research

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This week there was a major update for WordPress (4.7 Vaughan), so I updated this journal site and ran the requisite theme and plugin updates. Thankfully my decision to create a child theme has served me well as the updates were harmonious with my existing customisations. I don’t think that I will be adding more plugins at this point, but I will go through my posts and ensure that the header hierachy is correct for accessibility reasons. I will also go through my posts and make sure that links open in the current window instead of a new tab, as this was flagged in both my accessibility book (pickering, 2016) and in Nielsen’s Top 10 mistakes in web design article (2011). Also I will go through and review my heading levels as this was a persistant flag in the WCAG 2.0 inspections and it is easy to get it wrong <fn>e.g. h4 before h3 for some kind of aesthetic reason – I’m sure that I have done this somewhere without realising.</fn>
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Portfolio site concept and other news

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Over the past three weeks since the start of the module, I have been working away on the development of my portfolio site concept and gaining domain knowledge to support the development process. I have found myself in a situation where I have been torn between completing the UX procedures and design artefacts that I learned about and implemented during previous modules and starting to code. It is like standing at the edge of an exciting, and slightly daunting, precipice wondering whether to make the leap. The good news is, I am close.Read More »Portfolio site concept and other news