The weekend of doom

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In my last entry I talked about the suggestions that Theo provided from his perspective as a nurse and researcher. They were very helpful, but lead to some rather major layout changes. In particular, the to do: “I will need more space in the carousel/timeline”. This led to what I nicknamed in my GitHub posts as the Weekend of Hell, I am softening this within the context of this journal entry to be the Weekend of Doom.
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Charty McCharterson

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I knew that all of that work that I did on polls would come in handy at some point. The time arrived, as displaying data was something that seemed important from the beginning, to support the goals for the project. I wanted to support the information about ‘UK smart device ownership’ with some data.
Having spent quite a bit of time looking at polling options and trying things out, I felt sure that the the Google Charts api (n.d.) would give me the level of interactivity and customisation required.
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Content research

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This week there was a major update for WordPress (4.7 Vaughan), so I updated this journal site and ran the requisite theme and plugin updates. Thankfully my decision to create a child theme has served me well as the updates were harmonious with my existing customisations. I don’t think that I will be adding more plugins at this point, but I will go through my posts and ensure that the header hierachy is correct for accessibility reasons. I will also go through my posts and make sure that links open in the current window instead of a new tab, as this was flagged in both my accessibility book (pickering, 2016) and in Nielsen’s Top 10 mistakes in web design article (2011). Also I will go through and review my heading levels as this was a persistant flag in the WCAG 2.0 inspections and it is easy to get it wrong <fn>e.g. h4 before h3 for some kind of aesthetic reason – I’m sure that I have done this somewhere without realising.</fn>
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