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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
― Douglas Adams (1989, p. 124)

So up until the 24th of December I dallied with solutions for the navigation, but I had not really tackled the core issue. It was truly the elephant in the room, as so much of the mobile responsiveness that I hoped for my site hinged on the navigation working smoothly. I spent quite a bit of time looking around the web for inspiration, usually finding elaborate JQuery scripted examples; much as I found with the search for sliders/carousels. I really wanted to build it myself and resolved to create with CSS and JavaScript.
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Development prototypes

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A couple of posts back I outlined some grand plans in terms of UX design documentation and artefacts that I am planning to put together. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about these things, but they are having to happen gradually alongside my formative code learning and experimentation, so they will be attached to future entries.Read More »Development prototypes

Portfolio site concept and other news

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Over the past three weeks since the start of the module, I have been working away on the development of my portfolio site concept and gaining domain knowledge to support the development process. I have found myself in a situation where I have been torn between completing the UX procedures and design artefacts that I learned about and implemented during previous modules and starting to code. It is like standing at the edge of an exciting, and slightly daunting, precipice wondering whether to make the leap. The good news is, I am close.Read More »Portfolio site concept and other news

Hello World – the epitome of the inaugural blog post

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“Hello world!” a phrase that has been used to announce the existence of many a computer programme and blog post entry. Taking a few minutes to look into the phrase’s history today, it’s origins branch back to the early 1970s and the development of the programming language C at Bell Laboratories<fn>There are differing opinions on the exact origins, but it was a nice introduction to developer commentary and critique on Stack Overflow!</fn> (Herbert, 2016). This sentiment of harking back to computing history seems very appropriate as I embark on the IDM18 Web Development module and reflect on my own historical coding experience.Read More »Hello World – the epitome of the inaugural blog post