Wireframes 2+

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This post displays iterations of wireframe 2. In this wireframe, I took ideas from wireframes 0 and 1, but removed the next buttons in favour of a timeline at the top of the page. The top section of the page, containing the timeline, is shown as overflow (beyond the width) of the page to indicate the dynamic content. Clicking on the years, and circles on the timeline is intended to swap out the slide content and information in the centre of the timeline section. The arrow buttons on the left and right were also intended to switch between the content slides. These buttons ideally would also be operable via arrow keys on the keyboard.
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Wireframe 1

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This post shows the second iteration of the initial wireframe. This version is slightly higher fidelity and is still based on the idea that users would make use of the smooth scroll “next” buttons to transition from section to section. Navigating the information in chronological order.
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