Progress of Development Plan

Development Plan

CompleteAimsActionsResourcesMeasurementReview & Time Scale
(1) Evidence my work as a Learning Technologies Adviser to prepare for promotion opportunitiesRegister for and then complete my CMALT accreditation for submission. CMALT stands for Certified Member of Association for Learning Technology. The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) is the professional body for my field. There is overlap with D2 (link to document mapping to UKPSF). Resume involvement in professional organisations and user groups such as UCISA, Jisc, Blackboard User Groups and special interest groups (SIGs).Watch the CMALT webinar recording. - Done Create ePortfolio for CMALT and establish where gaps remain in professional evidence. There may be areas where more work is required. - Done Research groups and SIGS. - Done Pass CMALT. - Pending assessment. The ePortfolio itself should be well designed and demonstrate my commitment to accessible practice. - Done Join a group based on my research interests, e.g. accessibility, Open Educational Resources (OER). - DoneThis is a significant piece of work. Submission in August 2021. [Revised - submitting this in May 2021 and have adjusted timeline for aim (2) to allow for this]. May 2021. Impacted by COVID-19. - Done
(2) Learn about accessibility in forms, surveys and questionnaires to support institutional research and Inclusive Practice liaison work with the Learning and Teaching HubIncrease my knowledge of form-related semantics for accessibility as part of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Python. Compare the main survey tools in use at the University of Brighton. Investigate best practices for form design.Work through the Mozilla Web Developer Network guides and tutorials. Use accessibility auditing tools and assistive technologies to test survey and forms. Read existing literature and WCAG guidance on accessibility.Use this knowledge to establish testing criteria and then assess commercial web-based products for accessibility. Share findings in a eLearning Team blog post for dissemination to university. Create a new Inclusive Practice guide for academic staff on this topic.Complete by February 2021 [postponed until November 2021]. Notes on Github will provide evidence of reflection. March 2021 deadline for the blog post [postponed until November 2021]. Request feedback from Jill Shacklock, a colleague in IS who also oversees accessibility. April 2021 deadline for the Inclusive Practice guide [no longer applies will probably be a Sway guide - postponed until November 2021]. Ask colleagues in the Learning and Teaching Hub for feedback prior to publishing.
(3) Gain a better understanding of how students learn in different teaching contexts, specifically in online learning contextsK3 (from AdvanceHE guidance: "How students learn, both generally and within their subject/ disciplinary area(s)") is an area that I need to work on based on the Mapping Matrix. Learning and Memory: Understandings from Educational Neuroscience - two-week course. Source contemporary educational and psychology literature/resources on this topic. Complete course from Central Queensland University Australia on FutureLearn MOOC platform. Locate library resources, online resources and find webinars to attend such as those run by AdvanceHE. Reflect on my own practice and how I can improve my delivery and the advice that I provide to academic staff based on increasing my knowledge of contemporary theories. Certificate of completion in October 2020. July 2021 to allow me to attend the university's annual conference and select attendance options based on this area of focus.