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New project = New category (or I

Well almost. I have had a #UX category on this blog for a while, but I have decided to formalise it as I embark on a grad school module, Interaction Design and Evaluation Process. The UX category will be a place to collect my thoughts in relation to what I learn on the module and can be viewed in a collated format via the “UX” tab. Things to comment on this week:

  • Read and think about BS EN ISO 9241-210-2010 - Ergonomics of human-system interaction
  • Read and comment on user profiles and personae
  • Read and comment on Scenarios

All of this will also feed into my personal research project, looking at analyses of #IoT systems. See you soon!

Fiona MacNeill
Fiona MacNeill
UX and Learning Experience (LX)

Passionate about creating inclusive and accessible experiences, tools, and services for learning and doing.