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[Talk] Factors of Trust in IoT App Interfaces

Talk presented at UX Camp Brighton on 19/03/16

FACTORS OF TRUST IN IOT APP INTERFACES from Fiona MacNeill on Vimeo. Trust definitions used in this video are from Pavlidis, Islam, Mouratidis, and Kearney (2014).

Session description: Does your app rely on OAuth to offer connection to other apps and services? Based on my research studying app-to-device relationships in Internet of Things systems (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Nest, SmartThings, Glooko), I have uncovered some best practice recommendations when it comes to inspiring trust within your interface. Aliph, Inc. (2016). Jawbone UP (Version 4.13) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from Barcena, M. B., Wueest, C., & Lau, H. (2014). How safe is your quantified self? (1.1). Retrieved from fied-self.pdf Bilton, N. (2016, January 18). Nest thermostat glitch leaves users in the cold. The New York Times. Retrieved from Brooks, J. (2016, January 8). Fitbit hit with class action lawsuit over alleged misreading of heart rates [Blog post]. Retrieved from Brignull, H. (2013, March). Ramp Up. Personalising the experience, Brighton. Retrieved from BS ISO/IEC. (2011). Systems and software engineering — Systems and software quality requirement and evalua- tion (SQuaRE) — System and software quality models (ISO/IEC 25010:2011(E)) Switzerland: ISO/IEC Catalyst IT. (2016). Mahara (Version 1.10.5) [Computer software]. Retrieved from Cluley, G. (2013, February 13). Jawbone accounts compromised by hackers - personal info accessed, passwords disabled [Blog post]. Retrieved from Cycling’74. Max is a visual programming language for media. Retrieved March 19, 2016, from Faily, S. (2014). Engaging stakeholders in security design: An assumption-driven approach. Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Human Aspects of Information Security & Assurance (HAISA 2014), Plymouth, 21-29. doi:10.13140/2.1.3997.2647 Feamster, N. (2016, January 19). Who will secure the Internet of things? [Blog post]. Retrieved from Fitbit, inc. (2016). Fitbit (Version 2.18) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from Glooko, Inc. (2015). Glooko (Version 3.2) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from Harrison, D., Marshall, P., Bianchi-Berthouze, N., & Bird, J. (2015). Activity tracking: Barriets, workarounds and customisation. Proceedings of UBICOMP ‘15, Osaka, Japan. doi:10.1145/2750858.2805832 Hess, W. (2015, May 7). Onboarding: Designing Welcoming First Experiences. Retrieved March 19, 2016, from Higginbotham, S. (2016, January 22). Episode 42: These are the two biggest challenges facing the smart home Retrieved from Higginbotham, S. (2016, March 17). Episode 50: Are your devices being held hostage?. Retrieved March 28, 2016, from Kalloniatis, C., Mouratidis, H., Vassilis, M., Islam, S., Gritzalis, S., & Kavakli, E. (2014). Towards the design of secure and privacy-oriented Information Systems in the Cloud: Identifying the major concepts. Computer Stan- dards & Interfaces, 36(4), 759–775. doi:10.1016/j.csi.2013.12.010 Malik, O. (2015, December 30). In Silicon valley now, it’s almost always winner takes all. The New Yorker. Retrieved from myDevices. (2016). First IoT project builder - myDevices cayenne. Retrieved March 19, 2016, from Nest Labs, Inc. (2016). Nest app (Version 5.2.2) [Mobile application software]. Retrieved from O’Neill, O. (2002). A question of trust: The BBC Reith lectures 2002 (4th ed.). United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. O’Neill, O. (2013, September 25). How to trust intelligently [Blog post]. Retrieved from [ how-to-trust-intelligently/]( how-to-trust-intelligently/)

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Fiona MacNeill

Fiona MacNeill

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