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Charty McCharterson

I knew that all of that work that I did on polls would come in handy at some point. The time arrived, as displaying data was something that seemed important from the beginning, to support the goals for the project. I wanted to support the information about ‘UK smart device ownership’ with some data. Having spent quite a bit of time looking at polling options and trying things out, I felt sure that the the Google Charts api (n.d.) would give me the level of interactivity and customisation required.

Something I changed

Like the tools I had used already (see earlier entries including Flickity by metafizzy (2016), smooth-scroll by cfernandi (2016)) the instructions always say to call the JavaScript package in the header. This is something that my instructor, Marcus, had pointed out as bad practice. Therefore, I created a new eventlistener in my JavaScript file in order to load google’s “loader.js” script. This allowed me to place the