Final meeting with stakeholder

Dr. Theo Fotis and I met on the 11th of January to take a last look at the site prior to my assessment. This meeting was mainly for fact-checking the information that I had written, but Theo also had some thoughts on ways to add clarity to the different sections. I have outlined areas in bold below, where discussions during our meeting became actions related to the site. In the Flickity carousel/timeline for the patient timeline Theo suggested that I have a two-part scenario as the assumption that the operation would be cancelled was slightly too harsh. However, it was still collectively deemed important to include the cancellation aspect as it would have an impact on patient stress (Ebirim & Tobin, 2011). This means that I will need more space in the carousel/timeline cells to accommodate this change. The “Why Perioperative Care?” section was also flagged as there wasn’t enough about why perioperative anxiety is imporant and how a device would make an impact. Theo suggested that I add some data to support this section and sent along some reading suggestions. Also in certain areas I was a little bit too anxiety-specific. Theo recommended that I somehow include that there is an interest in knowing more about a patients’s overall health, from a nursing perspective as well.


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